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    Metal Hose Connector w/ Barbed End, Screw-Type, 1/8 in. Tubing
    Metal Screw-Type Hose Connector with Barbed End for 1/8" tubing (Qty 10)
    List Price: $296.00
    Lamp, 2.5V Halogen HPX
    Welch Allyn
    Part #: 06000-U6
    Welch Allyn 2.5 V Halogen HPX Lamp for Laryngoscope Power Handles (#60713, #s 608XX); Qty. 6
    List Price: $150.50
    No Image Available
    Welch Allyn Portable Power Pack with Charger ; 120 V, 50-60 Hz AC, Rechargeable (#72250) Battery; IEC Plug Type-B
    List Price: $394.00
    Power Supply Service Kit
    Welch Allyn
    Part #: CP50-011
    CP50 Power Supply Service Kit
    List Price: $181.00
    767 Aneroid Inflation System Basket, White
    Welch Allyn
    Part #: 7670-07
    767 Aneroid Inflation System Basket (white)
    List Price: $47.00
    Handle Housing, Spot Ultra/Spot LXi
    Welch Allyn
    Part #: 723201
    Handle Housing, Spot Ultra (Replaces 700101)
    List Price: $61.50
    Propaq CS Monitor Boot Seal for Power Switch
    Welch Allyn
    Part #: 680-0006-00
    Boot Seal For Power Switch
    List Price: $27.50
    5 ft. RJ45 Patch Cable
    Welch Allyn
    Part #: 660-0138-00
    Patch Cable, 5 ft (1.52 m)
    List Price: $15.25
    No Image Available
    Connex Spot Monitor, Service kit, Masimo SP02 PCBA
    List Price: $570.00
    USB Cable Kit
    Welch Allyn
    Part #: 104990
    Braun Service Kit, USB Cable, Mini B Side Left (16.1 in / 40 cm)
    List Price: $31.50
    Left Side AAMI Panel Assembly
    Welch Allyn
    Part #: 010-0138-03
    List Price: $583.00
    Expert Holter Software PCH-200
    User-friendly, configurable system that helps improve practice efficiency and EHR compatibility while streamlining your workflow. With additional detailed analysis and comprehensive edits tools over the PCH-100, the PCH-200 offers easy-to-use software and recorders to help improve patient compliance due to their lightweight and compact profile. Software can be configured with a compact digital recorder featuring 2 or 3 channel recording for a detailed evaluation.
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    Trimline™ Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs
    Trimline technology offers a proven, dependable reusable cuff solution you know and trust. Using traditional tube-and-connector configurations, facilities that standardize on Trimline will have minimal impact on nursing workflow with this reliable cuff solution.
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    Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Systems
    NEW! Now with LED replacement lamps. Designed for ease-of-use to improve patient care, safety and staff satisfaction. Innovative Design: Reduced weight for improved balance and maneuverability facilitates even the most difficult intubations to help improve patient care and staff satisfaction. Standardize: Blades easily convert from lamp to fiber-optic illumination making upgrades economical. Durable: One-piece stainless steel construction ensures blade integrity and minimizes corrosion helping improve staff satisfaction and reducing risk. Repairable: Replace deteriorating light pathways for a fraction of the cost of a replacement blade.
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    Gold Series DS66 Trigger Aneroids
    This innovative gauge features a smooth trigger-style air release valve and ergonomic design with soft plastic inserts at key touch points for comfort and easy operation. With gear-free DuraShock™ technology, you can count on the robust design of the DS66 Trigger Aneroid to remain in calibration longer than traditional aneroids, providing more accurate readings over time and a lower lifetime cost, helping to improve practice efficiencies and your bottom line.
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    PanOptic™ Ophthalmoscope
    Our revolutionary PanOptic Ophthalmoscope addresses the fundamental challenge in ophthalmoscopy—to get a good view of the fundus in order to make a sufficient assessment. Patented Axial PointSource™ Optics make it easy to enter undilated pupils, offering a 25º field of view, resulting in a view of the fundus that's 5X greater than you see with a standard ophthalmoscope in an undilated eye. Direct viewing of the fundus through the PanOptic provides better images of the retinal changes caused by hypertension, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and papilledema to enable clinicians to make these diagnoses earlier.
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    KleenSpec<sup>®</sup> Single Use LED Vaginal Specula
    Integrated light source produces uniform light output to help provide the visualization needed for improved patient outcomes. Ideal for emergency, and labor and delivery departments as well as urgent care facilities.
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    Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series (Factory Refurbished)
    The Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series is an ideal choice for simple and accurate vital signs assessment or basic continuous monitoring. When you require a cost-effective option that doesn’t sacrifice on quality or performance, Welch Allyn Factory Refurbished Devices offer a great solution. Backed by our 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.
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